Del Irani

TV Presenter

ABC News

Del Irani is a warm and energetic multi-platform journalist, who presents programs on ABC television and ABC radio. 

Del is a Panelist at the 2018 veski fast smarts.


Del was born in Mumbai and immigrated to Australia with her family when she was eight years old. Del's desire to travel took her to the US where she completed the final year of her degree on a scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley.

As a field producer working on programs for Fox News, CBS and Channel News Asia, Del travelled and lived in many different countries including Bermuda, Panama, Belgium and Dubai.

Del went back to India and spent four years in India working for various news organisations including Thomson Reuters, Times Now and BBC World News. 

She was appointed Mumbai Correspondent for BBC World News in 2009 and also became the Presenter of India Business Report, a weekly show broadcast to 77 million people. During her time at the BBC, she provided live coverage of breaking stories, including the trial of the lone surviving gunman in the 2008 Mumbai Terror attacks.

Del Irani is currently Finance Presenter on ABC News Breakfast and she is one of the creators and presenter of award-winning talk show, #TalkAboutIt.

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