Julia Page

veski chief executive officer

Ms Julia L Page was appointed chief executive officer of veski in 2004 after a career spanning the public, private and philanthropic sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom. 

As the head of veski, Julia leads a team responsible for the continued development and delivery of veski’s programs which include a prestigious fellowships program, an inspiring students (and teachers) program and a range of complementary events and activities.

As veski's chief executive officer, she has demonstrated her unique ability to engage people at all levels and build partnerships which complement and extend veski's programs and activities. 

In the time she has been with veski, she has overseen the growth and expansion of the prestigious innovation fellowship program and been responsible for awarding 16 fellowships valued at $3.2 million and returning more than $40 million of value to the State of Victoria.

Julia has also maintained a strong working relationship with the Victorian Government and established strong connections with Victoria's science and innovation communities. veski's relationship with the Victorian Government has resulted in the organisation being asked to deliver other Victorian fellowship and award programs on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Most recently, Julia has been responsible for the development of veski's new inspiring students (and teachers) program. This program builds on veski's long tradition of supporting science in Victorian schools and will further support innovation in Victoria.

Julia relocated to Melbourne in 2000 and draws on this experience to better understand the challenges facing the leading scientists and researchers she and her team help bring back from overseas as veski innovation fellows.

She completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Business Systems Technology at the University of Essex, before beginning a career in IT sales and strategic planning; skills she continues to draw and build upon in her current roles.

As well as leading veski, Julia is actively involved in the community. In 2010, she oversaw the establishment of the LUCRF Community Partnership Trust and continues to be involved as the Manager of the Trust. Since then, she has launched the initiative in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

In addition to her work with veski and LUCRF, Julia is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is the Secretary to the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust.