Mark Cassar

veski board member

Mr Mark Cassar served as a veski board member from 2016-2020. 

Mr Cassar commenced employment as a software engineer in the finance industry in 1986. He worked his way through various software engineering, management and executive management roles prior to founding Australian Financial Systems (now Bluedoor Technologies) in 2004. 

Mark was the key driver behind the vision, creation and development of the software system, now known as Bluedoor, which is credited with reducing administration costs by 30-60 per cent in large financial institutions. Bluedoor was the first of its kind to fully automate internet based transactional processing for investors and advisers, and is now a highly successful wealth management solution for the Superannuation and Investment market in Australia and the UK. 

While the Bluedoor solution provided great opportunities for improvement in efficiency, Mark recognised that large financial institutions often have many legacy administration systems and full conversion to Bluedoor would be time and cost prohibitive. In order to attain much of the benefit of Bluedoor without those prohibitive factors Mark initiated the development of the Opendoor software system. This system provided the key features of Bluedoor but orchestrated and managed transaction processing within any number of existing legacy systems.

Bluedoor experienced extraordinary growth from 2007 to 2014, growing the development and delivery team from three staff in January 2007 to in excess of 250 in April of 2014. Management of the growth was the critical business issue that Mark dealt with. 

Using similar principles of automation, and workflow based management applied within Bluedoor, Mark commissioned the development of RMS to support the software engineering process. This management and control system coordinated the work practices of the organisation and dealt with many 1000s of work requests received annually from the point of inception through to eventual delivery. RMS provided top to bottom transparency to the management team, allowing traceability from a change to a line of code through to an invoice for the work completed.

In November 2008 Mark sold his interest in Bluedoor to DST Systems. 

Mark remained with DST, continuing in a leadership role within the Bluedoor business until 2014. At Mark’s retirement in 2014, Bluedoor employed in excess of 250 staff in Melbourne Australia and had revenues exceeding $A52M per annum.

Mark is also a keen amateur cook, and has had weekly cooking lessons with Walter Trupp a Michelin Star chef and has completed several cooking and patisserie units at William Angliss in Melbourne.