Neda Mirzadeh

Group leader and Diversity champion

RMIT University

Neda (PhD, MBA) is a scientist, serial entrepreneur, coach, published author, designer and globally awarded fine art photography model.  

Neda is a Panelist at the 2018 veski fast smarts.


Neda (PhD, MBA) holds the position of group leader at CAMIC (the Centre for Advanced Materials and Industrial Chemistry) at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. By intertwining alchemy, medicine, and her passion to create societal impact, Neda and her research team use the unique properties of gold to develop treatments for cancer.  

An advocate for and trailblazer in entrepreneurship, she has recently taken up the position of “Diversity Champion” in the Strategic Innovation Unit, in the Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (RI&E) portfolio at RMIT, driving strategic initiatives within the organisation to enrich innovation from diversity and inclusion.


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