Victoria Fellows from 1998



Fellowship winners Research areas

Mr Liang Chen

To collaborate with leading scientists about technology to improve the quality of internet transmissions.
Dr Mandy de Souza To continue research into new surface finishes for the next generation of environmentally friendly cars. 
Dr Darren Hutchinson To undertake specialist training with the aim of establishing a world-class Foetal Cardiology Unit in Victoria providing counselling, diagnosis and training.
Dr Brett Paterson To be trained in the use of copper-64 radiotracers and to test a suite of tools he has developed for use in detecting early stage cancer.
Ms Jaclyn Pearson To investigate the interaction between E.coli bacteria and human cells.
Dr Jean-Pierre Veder To investigate environmentally friendly solvents for use in aluminium production.


Fellowship winners Research areas

Suzanne Ftouni

To test Optalert’s use in the detection and prevention of drowsy drivers.
Dr Matthew Hill To further research materials to store carbon dioxide safely and efficiently.
Dr Baohua Jia To further develop solar cells that can cheaply and efficiently convert solar energy into electricity.
Dr Michelle Ma To continue testing molecular compounds developed for use in detecting early stage cancer.
Denise Miles To continue investigating the cause of testis cancer, the incidence of which has doubled worldwide since 1982.
Dr Sant-Rayn Pasricha To work with the World Health Organisation on global policy development for iron deficiency anaemia which affects 1 billion people worldwide.


Fellowship winners Research areas

Dr Ming Chen

To the USA to develop his research into printable solar cells.
Dr Chi Pok Cheung To the USA and China to visit leading fire research laboratories to learn more about fire safety design and how to contain the spread of bushfires.
Dr Joanne Devlin To the United Kingdom to research new vaccines to prevent and control herpes viruses in animals.
Dr Sally Gras To industrial and research centres in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe to take a new look at cheese.
Dr Julianne Halley To the USA and the United Kingdom to further her research into stem cell behaviour.
Dr Martin Leahy To the USA and the United Kingdom to learn more about safe carbon capture and storage in a bid to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Fellowship winners Research areas

Dr David Forrester

Improving the sustainability, productivity and value of Victorian Eucalyptus plantations.
Dr Amy Richards The role of fat crystalline structure on rancidity of foods.
Dr Ian Majewski Applying next-generation sequencing technology in cancer research.
Dr Adrian Orifici Advancing frontiers in aerospace structures.
Dr Steven Pas New imaging modality based on the measurement of positron annihilation processes with position sensitivity.
Dr Zhejun Pan CO2 sequestration in coal and enhanced coalbed methane recovery


Fellowship winners Research areas

Dr Bryony Coleman

To develop techniques to restore the function of the auditory nerve which transmits sound information to the brain
Mr Luke Connal To develop methods for improving magnetic nanoparticles to enhance medical procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging.
Mr Simon Craig To visit North America to observe the way liquid fertilisers are handled on farms to improve adoption in Victoria.
Mr Hussein Jama To visit South Africa and Norway to improve understanding of how tubular steel beams and columns respond to extreme loads such as those caused by bomb blasts or gas vapour or dust explosions.
Ms Erinna Lee To learn new techniques and ideas for manipulating peptides in USA.
Mr Andrew Walter To investigate the electronic and magnetic properties of nanometre thin metallic films to see if they are suitable for data storage applications, at advanced scientific institutes in Germany, UK and France.



Fellowship winners Research areas

Dr Bryan Fry

Investigating the therapeutic potential of bioactive natural products
Mr Hadi Lioe Investigating the Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometer
Mr Tabbara Mohammad Investigating the use of networked control systems in the automotive industry
Dr Paul Stoddart Investigating laser based methods to measure chemical concentrations
Ms Fleur Tynan Investigating advanced cellular imaging techniques
Ms Nicole van der Weerden Investigating the activity of NaD1, a plant antimicrobial protein


Fellowship winners Research areas

Ms Flame Burgmann

To visit laboratories in the US and at the University of Oxford to use specialist microscopes to study the nanostructure and behaviour of thin films under a load
Ms Thanh Chau To Bristol University to develop expertise in the use of a novel silicon oil emulsion system to advance her work on stabilisers and Innovative emulsion technology.
Dr Erika Cretney To visit the USA to study the role of TRAIL (TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand, a cell-surface protein) in suppressing the growth and spread of tumours
Dr Whitney Macdonald To visit the Howard Hughes Medical Center in Colorado to undertake training in a novel new technique focusing on T-cell mediated rejection of organ transplants
Ms Hayley Newton To investigate the function of three genes thought to be involved in mechanisms used by bacteria to cause Legionnaire’s disease
Mr John Papandriopoulos To view US test bed facilities, learn new techniques and set up new international research collaborations for Wireless Sensor Networks



Fellowship winners Research areas

Mr Daniel Scott

To follow up on work investigating relaxin antagonists with international collaborators and leading researchers at Stanford University in USA
Ms Tamara Boyd To visit key overseas regions and practitioners of groundwater trading models to learn how to best develop Victoria’s groundwater market
Dr Serryn Eagleson To meet and address international experts in boundary design, statistical analysis and sustainable development in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Japan to improving Melbourne’s boundary design
Mr Richard Barber To visit leading research and commercial organisations in Germany, the United States, Singapore and Canada, in microfabrication using synchrotron radiation; identify the commercial implications for the micronanotechnology field and for Victoria.
Mr Micah Atkin Visit overseas micro-technology manufacturing facilities and research organisations to learn about commercial-scale micro-technology manufacturing best practice.
Dr Flora Wong Spatially Revolved Spectroscopy to measure brain tissue oxygen index in low birth weight babies.



Fellowship winners Research areas

Mr Dan Billing

Sports engineering.
Ms Sandra Haukka Linking research training and innovation.
Ms Tanya Medley Cardiovascular disease research.
Dr Arnan Mitchell Photonics research.
Ms Tam Vuong Safe use of medicines.
Dr Bartek Wydrowski Internet performance technology.



Fellowship winners Research areas

Ms Tracey Bessell

Cost-effectiveness of medicines
Ms Danielle Forster Hearing aid innovations
Dr Minh Nguyen Advanced composite materials
Mrs Rachael Prince Modelling discoloured drinking water
Dr Gary Rosengarten Micro and nanotechnology
Dr Cindy Yap Blood clot formation


Fellowship winners Research areas

Mr Wayne Burton

Canola oilseeds breeding
Dr Phillip Crothers Robotic manufacturing systems 
Dr Paul Cullen Leptospirosis vaccine components
Dr Suhasini Kulkarni Blood clot formation
Dr Fiona Sofra Mining waste disposal
Dr Wenyi Wang Helicopter gearbox fault diagnosis


Fellowship winners Research areas

Dr Johanna Barry

Cross-linguistic speech acquisition
Dr Leonid Churilov Business systems and operations research
Dr Christopher Fluke Virtual reality technology
Dr Michael Halford Growth factor research
Ms Agnes Ho Membrane technology
Dr Anthony Ladson Environmental adaptive management


Fellowship winners Research areas

Dr Katrina Allen

Liver cell transplantation
Dr Fraser Cameron Mobile telecommunications
Dr Paul Dietze Heroin overdose prevention
Ms Sacha Dopheide Blood clot formation
Ms Liza Maimone  Greenhouse gas policy
Dr Colin Nexhip Metal smelting chemistry


Fellowship winners Research areas

Ms Angela Corrie

Grapevine pest Phylloxera
Mr Mitchell Lennard Mobile satellite communications
Dr Cait MacPhee Molecular mechanisms of protein misfolding
Mr Mitchell Shaw 3D virtual environments
Dr Joseph Sofra Alternative smelting technologies
Dr Ross Waller Chloroplast function in malarial parasite


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