veski fellows in the media

Our veski innovation, inspiring women and sustainable agriculture fellows, veski connection members and veski board members are often interviewed in the media:



Professors' Andrew Holmes AC FRS FAA and Mark Dawson received Australian Academy of Science honorific awards for their outstanding contributions to science.  


Professor Emily Nicholson author of First-ever global catalogue of ecosystems to enable coordinated conservation efforts: Global Ecosystem Typology - Deakin University


Professor Ben Marsland publishes research in Nature Immunology; Protection against asthma from gut metabolism by-product - Monash University 



Dr Vihandha Wickramasinghe receives two NHMRC Ideas Grants for research into mRNAs and circRNAs- Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Associate Professor Ethan Goddard-Borger receives NHMRC Ideas Grant; Repurposing and re-optimising drugs that disrupt glycoprotein folding to treat COVID-19 - WEHI

Associate Professor Seth Masters receives NHMRC Ideas Grant - WEHI

Professor Roger Pocock receives NHMRC Ideas Grant - Monash University

Professor Ben Marsland receives NHMRC Ideas Grant - Monash University

Professor Natalie Hannan publishes 'Nanoparticles in pregnancy: the next frontier in reproductive therapeutics' in Human Reproduction Update - The University of Melbourne

Professor Colby Zaph publishes 'The Methyltransferase DOT1L Controls Activation and Lineage Integrity in CD4+ T Cells during Infection and Inflammation' in Cell Reports - Monash University

Professor Emma Sciberras publishes 'Social and Economic Costs of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Across the Lifespan' in the Journal of Attention Disorders - Deakin University


Professor Kenneth Crozier receives ARC Discovery Project funding - The University of Melbourne

Associate Profesor Timothy Scott receives ARC Discovery Project funding - Monash University


Professor Colette McKay speaks to David Astle on ABC Evenings on The auditory breakthrough that could help newborns hear for the first time - Bionics Institute


Professor Mark Dawson receives a prestigious Prime Minister's Prize for Science, the 2020 Frank Fenner Prize for Life Scientist of the Year - PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre

Associate Professor Seth Masters publishes a paper in Cell 'TDP-43 Triggers Mitochondrial DNA Release via mPTP to Activate cGAS/STING in ALS' - WEHI

Dr Vihandha Wickramasinghe publishes 'RNA in Cancer' paper in Nature Reviews Cancer - Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


Professor Cameron Simmons: The World Mosquito Program announced an extremely promising result from a gold-standard Randomised Controlled Trial conducted over 3 years in Yogyakarta City. The result shows a 77% reduction in dengue incidence in Wolbachia treated communities - Monash University


Professor Ben Marsland publishes 'Microbes, metabolites, and the gut–lung axis', the 5th most read paper in the journal Mucosal Immunology in 2020 - Monash University

Professor Cameron Simmons: The World Mosquito Program selected as one of 6 finalists in the global competition for the $US100 million 100&Change grant - Monash University


Australian Government injects MRFF funding into STEM cell research - Prof Mark Dawson - The University of Melbourne

Assoc Prof Seth Masters publishes in Nature Communications - The University of Melbourne


Prof Mark Dawson, veski innovation fellow and Dr Sarah Jane Dawson, veski connected community member receives NHMRC funding - Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Assoc Prof Emma Sciberras recieves MRFF Investigator Grant - Deakin University 

Lifesaving trial moves to Tasmania - Prof Mark Shackleton - Alfred Health 

Associate Professor Ethan Goddard-Borger publishes paper 'Trefoil factors share a lectin activity that defines their role in mucus' in Nature Commincations - WEHI


Professor Ben Marsland publishes paper 'Skin emollient and early complementary feeding to prevent infant atopic dermatitis (PreventADALL): a factorial, multicentre, cluster-randomised trial' in The Lancet - Monash University


Prof Mark Dawson - Australia-First Winner of Global Haematology Award - Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


#1 most read paper of 2019 - Prof Marsland's Nature Mucosal Immunology publication - Nature Mucosal Immunology

Associate Professor Matthew Call publishes paper 'Novel drivers and modifiers of MPL-dependent oncogenic transformation identified by deep mutational scanning' in the journal Blood - WEHI





12 December

Associate Professor Ross Dickinsveski innovation fellow and Associate Professor Catherine Satzke, veski inspiring women fellow receive NHMRC Ideas Grant.

Associate Professor Roger Pocockveski innovation fellow recieves ARC Discovery Project and NHMRC Ideas Grant.

3 December

Important research understanding why men get more cancer than women - Dr Sue Haupt, Franco Caramia and Dr Ygal Haupt, published in Nature Communications - Peter MacCallum.

25 November

Making things with light: Engineer returns home to develop 'genuine 3D printing' - Associate Professor Timothy Scott - @AuManufacturing

20 November

veski innovation fellow Richard Sandberg awarded an INCITE project - the University of Melbourne & Oakridge National Laboratory US. 

16 October 

Professor Kenneth Crozier is Chief Investigator for New ARC Centre of Excellence - University of Melbourne.

9 September

Professor Ben Marlsand publishes a paper in Nature Immunology, 'The influence of the microbiome on respiratory health' - Monash University.


Professor Cameron Simmons recieves an NHMRC Investigator Grant.  

16 August

Assoc Prof Natalie Hannan announced as Associate Dean, Diveristy and Inclusion - The University of Melbourne

8 August

Assoc Prof Ross Dickins publishes a paper in Cell Stem Cell identifiying an important new concept relevant to clinicians involved in the diagnosis and treatment of AML patients - Monash University.

16 July

Associate Professor Timothy Scott receives an NHMRC Future Fellowship - Monash University

Assoc Prof Emma Sciberras develops a new podcast on practical classroom adjustments to ensure inclusion of children with ADHD - Deakin University.

14 June

Assoc Prof Natalie Hannan  recognised with two prestigious awards

6 June

Protecting the proteins that protect us from cancer - CSIROscope and PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre

4 June

Team led by Professor Christopher McNeill uncover an important breakthrough in fundamental physics that further paves the way for the development of next-generation flexible, wearable devices powered by ‘spintronics’ - Paper published in Nature Physics- Monash University.

1 June

Apoplasmic and simplasmic phloem unloading mechanisms: Do they co-exist in Angeleno plums under demanding environmental conditions? - Journal of Plant Physiology

14 February

New weight loss pill launched in Australia - 9news - Nine Digital Pty Ltd 2019

18 January

Women in biointerface science - Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University



30 November

World first study of infant and newborn airways microbiome throws light on origins of asthma - Central Clinical School, Monash University

16 November

Power to the people: Newton prize winners use maths for power systems - Scitech Europa

2 October

Immune system's balancing act keeps bowel disease in check - ScienceDaily /

1 October

You're better to be fat and fit than skinny and slack -

17 September

Multimodal Structural Neuroimaging Markers of Brain Development and ADHD Symptoms - The American Journal of Psychiatry

13 September

NLRP1 restricts butyrate producing commensals to exacerbate inflammatory bowel disease - nature communications

29 August

MPCCC welcomes first Professor Director of Oncology, Alfred Health and Monash University - Monash Comprehensive Cancer Consortium

1 August

World ag leader Dr Terry Griffin returns to region - The Weekly Advertiser

26 July

Get the low down on Precision Ag from US based expert Dr Terry Griffin - Farm Tender

6 July

Dr Natalie Hannan receives SRB Visiting Lecturer Award - The University of Melbourne

New vaccine candidates for malaria - ScienceDaily

20 June

Agriculture Technology Podcast: Big Data with Terry Griffin - RDO Integrated Controls / Player FM

13 June

Controlled synthesis of highly-branched plasmonic gold nanoparticles through peptoid engineering - nature communications

10 June

Gender equity an ongoing challenge for Australian Academy of Science - The Science Show, ABC News

17 April

BI researchers receive major government grant - Bionics Institute

$10m in funding awarded to 11 projects to boost health innovation - MTPConnect

5 April

Precision agriculture: Big data raises trust concerns - The Weekly Times

26 March

A biodiversity-crisis hierarchy to evaluate and refine conservation indicators - nature ecology & evolution

28 February

Professor Cameron Simmons appointed head of Institute of Vector-Borne Disease - Monash University

27 February

Transforming Grain - Sunraysia Daily - with veski sustainable agriculture fellow Dr Terry Griffin

Australian farmers team with globally recognised US agriculture researcher to transform grain industry - veski and SciMex

22 February

Scientists find molecular link between Vitamin A derivative and mouse intestinal health - ScienceDaily

6 February

Grains update to answer growers’ questions - Sunraysia Daily

5 February

Could improving sleep bring wide-ranging benefits for children with autism? - Dr Emma Sciberras on ABC

27 January

Think twice before going off the grid - Pursuit




19 December

The fight to eradicate break-bone fever faces another setback - Bloomberg

23 October

Congratulations to our successful NHMRC Fellows - Monash University / NHMRC


Georgina Sweet Awards for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science - The University of Melbourne

15 September

Carbohydrates may be the key to a better malaria vaccine - WEHI / nature communications

11 September

Australian Researchers Develop New Brain Mapping Method to Assess Hearing Status in Infants - Hearing Health & Technology Matters / Bionics Institute / Herald Sun

13 July

How objects could soon 'heal' themselves, Pursuit, The University of Melbourne

22 June

Epigenetics: Asking cancer the right question - Pursuit, The University of Melbourne

21 June

Universities bring tech industry approach from the get-go, Sydney Morning Herald

2 June

Dr Catherine Satzke wins prestigious Frank Fenner award, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

12 May

From laundry to weapon disposal - the role of enzyme mimics, University of Melbourne Pursuit

9 May 

Philanthropies Select 41 Scientists as International Research Scholars, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

7 April

Research into wine, the experience of Pange,Wine Australia

18 March

Simple test could replace invasive biopsies for people with blood cancer, ABC News

14 March

Better fruit sought, Shepparton News

6 March

Cancer research back home, Herald Sun

15 February

Professor Luca Corelli Grappadelli of University of Bologna visits Fruit Growers Tasmania to discuss state's fruit exports, The Advocate

14 February

Professor Roger Pocock profiled in 'Worm brain could help science think of new way to tackle obesity', The Sydney Morning Herald

13 February

International scientist boosts Goulburn Valley pear research, Horticulture Industry Network

9 February

A cure for pre-eclampsia might be already in our medicine cabinet, ABC Radio Melbourne

26 January

Leading chemist's Australia Day honour a 'recognition of science', The Guardian

17 January

Dengue fever cases hit 20-year high in Australia, The Herald





30 November

Professor James McCluskey shares prestigious Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation - Doherty Institute

Victoria’s status as biomedical research hub strengthened with major prize win for Monash - Monash University Bio Discovery Institute

Herald Sun & Adelaide Now - 'State’s highest honour for Victorian scientific pioneers' by Mark Dunn

From strength to strength: Victoria’s entrenched status as biomedical research hub - University of Melbourne

Centre of Advanced Molecular Imaging - Victoria’s status as biomedical research hub strengthened with major prize win

ABC 774 - Professor Jamie Rossjohn's interview on ABC Breakfast with Red Symons (Listen at 1 hr 18 mins 30 sec)


15 August

veski board member Dr Keith McLean quoted in 'CSIRO industry partnerships help science agency cope with funding cuts', ABC News


15 July

Herald Sun 'A new era for Peter Mac', Research genes in the family - featuring veski innovation fellow Professor Mark Dawson and fellow researcher and wife Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson

28 June

Boss Magazine , Dr Leonie Walsh - Champion of Innovation and Women in Science

29 April

Herald Sun, Professor aims for new look at brain, interview with 2016 veski innovation fellow Professor N. Jon Shah

1 March

Cosmos Magazine, Professor Cameron Simmons quoted in 'What progress are we making with a zika vaccine?' 

16 February

Dr Ethan Goddard-Borger attracted media coveraged with his latest paper published in Nature Chemical Biology.


11 February

The Guardian, Professor Cameron Simmons interviewed in 'Australian virologists to join global fight against Zika virus'




2 December

The Australian, 2015 veski resident Dr Siobhán Jordan interviewed in 'No secret to developing further catalysts for innovation'

27 November

The Australian, 'Supercomputers to propel professor's jet research' explores Professor Richard Sandberg's research

18 November

The Melbourne Newsroom and ABC774 with Red Symons, "How to do 3000 years of research in one year" with Professor Richard Sandberg

20 September

Roger Pocock and Richard Sandberg interviewed on Triple R's Einstein a Go Go

31 July

PSnews, Associate Professor Roger Pocock, Colby Zaph and Professor Richard Sandberg welcomed in “For they are jolly good science Fellows”

27 July

Professor Cameron Simmons quoted in a few articles:

24 July

Fairfax Media, Associate Professor Roger Pocock on “Tiny, glowing worm to unlock brain's secrets”

20 July

Beef Central, Dr Gareth Forde quoted in “Emissions Reduction Fund opportunities for red meat processors”

29 June

veski and Inspiring Women Fellowships mentioned in:

11 June

Herald Sun, Dr Sarah Hosking mentioned “Sick kids win home with $4m hospice grant”

22 May

PreventionWeb, Professor Andrew Holmes mentioned “Young Australian scientists recognised for work in disaster resilience”

20 May

Fairfax Media, Associate Professor Mark Dawson mentioned in "Blood cancer: Caroline's trial first could lead the way for others"

19 May

Acoustical Society of America Special Session, Colette McKay has been selected to present “inserting the speech signal above the cochlea: How can this work?” alongside Lasker- DeBakey Prize and/or the Russ Prize awarded individuals

1 April

Professor Cameron Simmons profiled in various media:

26 March

Business Insider, Professor Holmes AM quoted in 'Queensland University has taken first place in Australia's top 10 research centre rankings'

24/25 March

The Chronicle, Professor Holmes AM quoted in 'Science boosts Australian economy by $145 billion a year'

The Australian Financial Review, Professor Holmes comments on 'Maths and science underpins one-fifth of Australia's GDP, says study' by Tim Dodd

16 March

The Conversation, President of the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Andrew Holmes, also welcomed the decision to continue funding NCRIS

11 March

The Shepparton Adviser, Snow Barlow quoted in 'Collaboration to improve agriculture sector'

PS News, Launch of new veski sustainable agricultural fellowships

6 March

Stock & Land, Snow Barlow quoted in 'Boost to ag innovation'

5 March

The Age, Professor Andrew Holmes quoted in 'Science community begs government to continue funding vital research infrastructure'

27 February

The Australian, Professor Andrew Holmes responds to federal government’s threat to stop funding key national research infrastructure 

19 February

Tech Times, Michael Cowley quoted in ‘Study Sheds New Light On Post-Marijuana Food Cravings’ by Dianne Depra

17 February

Tech Times, Seth Masters mentioned in ‘Scientists Discover New Molecule With Potential Applications In Treating Inflammatory Diseases’ by Dianne Depra

16 February

Various comments by Professor Andrew Holmes AM on climate change

23 January

Sir John Monash Foundation web story, '2006 Scholar Mark Dawson at the Peter Mac: need for support to Clinician-Scientists'

20 January

Herald Sun, Mark Dawson quoted in 'Cancer Council Victoria Venture Grant Scheme winners will try to outsmart cancer with bold ideas'

16 January

Asian Scientist, Graeme Clark, first Australian to receive the Russ Prize, for his role in the development of a medical device that has improved the lives of the hearing impaired: the cochlear implant. 




24 December

Asian Scientist Magazine, Cameron Simmons quoted in 'Broadly Neutralizing DENV Antibodies Found'

22 December

Various comments by Professor Andrew Holmes on reintroduction of a cabinet minister for science

18 December

Futurity: Research News, Cameron Simmons quoted in ‘New antibodies could boost dengue vaccines’

Cameron Simmons profiled for research into dengue and a new type of antibodies

8 December

Professor Cowley interviewed for:

University Herald, 'Satiety Hormone' May Link Obesity to High Blood Pressure

5 December

Professor Cowley interviewed for:

ABC Radio AM, ‘Scientists identify link between obesity and high blood pressure’

Herald Sun, 'Melbourne scientists discover how fat cells of obese and overweight people drive up blood pressure'

4 December

Professor Cowley interviewed for:

New Scientist, ‘Brain link for obesity and high blood pressure found’

Medical Express, ‘Satiety hormone' leptin links obesity to high blood pressure’

2 December

Life Scientists, Professor Andrew Holmes reflects on the role serendipitous discovery has played in his successful research career

29 November

FBI Radio, Colette McKay interviewed for 'The future is now'

13 November

Wall Street Journal, Cameron Simmons mentioned in 'Dengue Fever Researchers in Military Weigh Infecting Volunteers'

6 November

Portland Business Journal, Michael Cowley interviewed in 'A weight loss pill that could fatten OHSU's wallet'

31 October

ABC Radio's The World Today, Michael Cowley interviewed for 'Obesity adding $4 billion to annual hospital budgets'

National Computational Infrastructure Update, Tiffany Walsh reports on 'Small particles, big impact'

24 October

The Burn, Colette McKay interviewed about New Evidence Suggests Hearing Loss Speeds Up Cognitive Decline

23 October

Futurity, Kenneth Crozier features in 'The perfect gap turns nanoparticles into sensors'

21 October

ITNews, Tiffany Walsh interviewed in Govt grant buys Victorian supercomputer two more years

14 October

The Warnambool Standard, Tiffany Walsh interviewed in 'Warrnambool College cultivates tall poppies'

13 October

The Australian, Michael Cowley interviewed in 'Reusing old medicines ‘smart strategy’

11 October

Broadband News, Tiffany Walsh interviewed in 'Invisibility cloaks closer'

10 October

Herald Sun, Mark Dawson interviewed for 'Melbourne's genius medical researchers spend most of their time having to find funding'

ABC Fact Check, Michael Cowley interviewed in 'Is obesity a disease?'

1 October

The Australian, Michael Cowley interviewed for 'Biotechs: no cure without government help in form of Medical Research Future Fund'

30 September

ABC Radio AM, Mark Shackleton interviewed for 'Melbourne researchers trial breakthrough combination melanoma treatment'

International Business Times, Andrew Holmes interviewed in Australia’s Scientific Investments At 30-Year Decline, Country Risks Falling Behind Future Technology

29 September

WAToday, Mark Shackleton interviewed in Treatment delivers double blow for melanoma

Sydney Morning Herald, Andrew Holmes interviewed in Australian Government investment in science reaches 30-year low

25 September

Gizmodo Australia, Tiffany Walsh interviewed in Invisibility Cloaks Closer To Reality Thanks To 'Digital Metamaterials'

15 September

The Conversation, Tiffany Walsh writes: Invisibility cloaks closer thanks to ‘digital metamaterials’ 

10 September

ABC News, Printable solar panels, developed by CSIRO and Melbourne universities, one step closer to market

August 2014

Various national and international radio and TV programs and newspapers, Ebola expert commentary by Professor Cameron Simmons

25 July

The Guardian, Andrew Holmes quoted in 'Researchers tackle link between climate change and public health'

26 June

Surf Coast Independent, Tiffany Walsh featured in 'Deakin invisible studies take aim at a warfare edge'

25 June

Life Scientist, Andrew Holmes mentioned in 'Talking medicine with Nobel laureates'

17 June

Herald Sun & Medical Xpress, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute scientists 'cure' childhood leukaemia in animal tests featuring veski innovation fellow Dr Ross Dickins

31 May

New photovoltaics minimise embedded energy featured on ABC RN's The Science Show with Professor Andrew Holmes

Sydney Morning Herald, Our science suffers from a national delusion with comments from Professor Andrew Holmes

30 May

Asian Scientist, Holmes appointed President of Australian Science Academy

Australian Life Scientist, New head for Academy of Science

14 May

Herald Sun, Medical bodies line up for research fund cash featuring veski innovation fellow Dr Alyssa Barry

13 May

Pro Bono News, View of a smarter Australia in 2030 - veski

10 May

Sydney Morning Herald & The Age, The mosquito solution featuring veski innovation fellow Professor Cameron Simmons

25 March

ABC Science, Exercise during youth builds stronger bones for life featuring veski innovation fellow Professor Marcus Pandy

25 February

SBS & The Conversation, Comment: Proteins to plastics, chemistry as a dynamic discipline by Professor Andrew Holmes

28 January

ABC radio & television news, 2013 Victoria Fellow Dr Simon James discusses his research

Saturday, 4 January 2014

ABC radio & television news, Associate Professor Tiffany Walsh discusses her research




Friday, 25 October

The University of Melbourne's Up Close interviews 2013 Victoria Prize recipient Professor Lloyd Hollenberg

Tuesday, 22 October

The Melbourne Weekly Review article with Alan Cowman 'Top science award a real buzz for malaria researcher'

Wednesday, 9 October

3AW Breakfast interview with Associate Professor Walsh (MP3, interview begins at 25minutes & 11 seconds)

Tuesday, 11 September

Herald Sun article with Professor McKay, 'Cochlear program to give deaf children best start to life'

Thursday, 8 August

ABC TV's Catalyst interviews Professor Michael Cowley about toxic sugar

Monday, 3 June

Australiasian Science with Professor Andrew Holmes, 'From Vitamins to Solar'

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