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veski plays a unique role by ensuring the people, skills and community are in place to support Victoria’s innovation and research ecosystems to sustainably deliver the talent and leadership Victoria needs to create maximum impact.

Leveraging its growing community of science and innovation leaders, veski amplifies the work of talented individuals showcasing Victoria as a destination for innovation.

veski fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where participants build skills and learn from each other to stimulate new jobs and employment opportunities and create high-performing businesses.

As an independent broker, veski identifies, develops and connects individuals and organisations to enable innovation across academia, industry and government focused on Victoria’s emerging priorities.

The programs and activities at veski are tailored to the changing needs of its community, delivering programs both in person and virtually to accommodate the new hybrid landscape of the sector.

veski embraces digital communications as its primary avenue for reaching its growing audience. Key channels include regular veski bulletins, video content, and an active share of the social media conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.