bridging the funding gap

The veski inspiring women grants – bridging the funding gap, is a pilot program designed and delivered in 2022/2023, to support women in STEM who face systemic barriers to success at a critical point in their career to enable them to continue their research endeavours.

High calibre researchers continue to face challenges in obtaining funding to support their ongoing research.

In addition to this, a diverse workplace brings different experiences and perspectives which boost creativity and innovation. This grant supports equity across the research ecosystem by fostering the representation of women in STEM with intersectional attributes.

Keeping these women in STEM research fields contributes to the future diversity of the STEM workforce.

The veski inspiring women bridging the funding gap grants provide 12-months funding of up to $75,000 to support research outputs. Grant awardees maximise the use of the grant to maintain their competitiveness for future rounds of funding from major funding bodies.


This (BTFG) grant will have a significant impact on my career. It will enhance my competitiveness for future funding, consolidate my position as an international leader in my field of research and place me in an excellent position to apply for an ongoing academic position.

veski inspiring women bridging the funding gap grant recipient