veski connected community

The veski connection is an exclusive and prestigious group of the brightest minds, thought leaders and innovators from academia, research, industry, media, philanthropy and government. Each member is generously committed to supporting veski and its programs as a specialist advisor, speaker, promoter, activity participant or advisory group member.

Membership of the veski connection is by invitation only and demonstrates the important contribution members are making to innovation across Victoria. Members will be occasionally drawn upon for their knowledge and experience in the development of veski programs and activities.


What does the world look like when you have left your mark?

Sophie Krantz, veski connection member


Members of the veski connection support veski through:

  • Presenting at and assisting with organisation of events
  • Serving on selection panels and working groups
  • Contributing opinion pieces and issue papers on relevant issues
  • Engaging in the veski inspiring students (& teachers) program


Members of the veski connection are recognised for their contribution to veski through:

  • Invitations to exclusive networking and professional development events
  • Opportunity to inform and engage with key issues being explored by veski
  • Networking with other veski connection members
  • Regular updates from Victoria’s science and innovation communities