Study Melbourne Research Partnerships

About the Study Melbourne Research Partnerships Program

In partnership with Study Melbourne, veski is delivering the Study Melbourne Research Partnerships program, awarding $2.8m in major research projects between Victorian public institutions and international industry or institutional partners.

This scheme is providing Victorian Education Providers with vital support for international research partnerships and projects – building strategic international relationships in future growth regions.

The successful recipients are driving international research collaboration, establishing and deepening strategic offshore partnerships for Victorian educational institutions, and strengthening the prestigious global rankings and reputation of Victoria’s public universities and TAFEs.

Successful recipients demonstrated that their project is consistent with the overall program guidelines, aligned to their institution’s international engagement strategy and involves collaboration with at least one international organisation, to be delivered over 12 months.

Each research project includes a financial or in-kind contribution from the Victorian Education Provider and/or International Project Partner.

Opportunities from the Study Melbourne Research Partnerships Program

At the end of the 12-month program, each Study Melbourne Research Partnerships funding recipient will demonstrate some or all of the following outcomes and benefits, reflecting the success of the program:

  1. Strategic activation of an existing or newly established international research partnership between the Victorian Education Provider and their International Project Partner;
  2. Evidence of research project internationalisation and/or commercialisation with defined project outputs, aligned to Victoria’s research, trade and investment priorities, including potential profiling events, publications and/or citations;
  3. Strengthened education market access and increased awareness of the research strengths of Victorian Education Providers in key markets as a result of Victorian international research engagement;
  4. Attraction of high-quality post-graduate research students to study in Victoria; and
  5. Diversification of the Victorian Education Provider’s international education engagement and portfolio activities.