A veski inspiring women fellowship is awarded to Dr Cara Doherty from CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering to continue her outstanding track record as a multidisciplinary scientist in physics, chemistry and materials engineering. Through the synthesis, engineering and analysis of smart porous materials, Dr Doherty has achieved significant breakthroughs in energy production, water purification, gas separation and device fabrication.

While pregnant and on maternity leave, Dr Doherty published several high impact and highly cited review papers in the field of Metal Organic Framework research. However due to time away from the laboratory while having her two children, Dr Doherty has been restricted in the amount of new results she can produce. Particularly as her research involves working with radiation and various chemicals that are not safe for pregnant women to be exposed to.

The veski inspiring women fellowship will significantly enhance Dr Doherty’s competitiveness in the Metal Organic Frameworks research field by allowing her to take on a PhD student and intern to accelerate her discoveries.
The fellowship will enable Dr Doherty to learn from internationally renowned scientists, through travel to international laboratories in Japan and ongoing collaboration in France.

Dr Doherty will also be able to return to work full-time in 2018 with childcare support for her two children. Having the childcare support will allow for greater flexibility to attend conferences and courses in leadership and entrepreneurship.

Ultimately the veski inspiring women fellowship will support Dr Doherty to achieve her long-term research goal of developing device technology so that smart devices can be manufactured here in Victoria. This is vital in ensuring the future of Australian manufacturing comprises design and fabrication of high- tech smart devices.