Janice Munt

veski board director 2020 – 2023

Over the course of a substantial career in leadership and policy roles, Janice has held a large number of positions requiring a deep understanding of governance as well as an ability to effectively engage diverse stakeholder cohorts.

Janice joined the veski board of directors in July 2020. Janice concluded her term at veski in March 2023.

She possesses demonstrably strong skills in leadership and consultation, having started her career in small, customer-focused businesses before serving for 8 years as an elected Member of the Victorian Parliament. As an MP, Acting Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and co-chair of Women’s Caucus, Janice further developed her skills consulting with all levels of government, community and business, whilst advocating for reform programs and new initiatives with lasting benefits to Victoria.

As Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Janice was involved in administering a complex $15 billion State Government Department, which included high-level policy development and implementation, and expertise in the critical policy area of healthcare. And as Senior Advisor to the Minister for Women and Prevention of Family Violence, Janice played a critical role in the development of the Family Violence Royal Commission, the implementation of the subsequent recommendations of this reform agenda and the sourcing, allocation and application of hundreds of millions of dollars in government funding.

Alongside her ongoing consultancy work in business, Janice is currently a registered company director in a number of companies and a non-executive director on a range of boards for community organisations. Here too, Janice tends to take on complex roles such as Chairing Central Bayside Community Health Service through the challenges of meeting best practice standards in equity and diversity, and successfully repositioning the service for the challenges posed by the NDIS. And now, as a director of Port Melbourne Football Club, Janice has a responsibility for navigating the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on community sport, the welfare of players and staff, and developing and supporting the women’s team.

In general, in this work as well as in Janice’s previous positions, her legacy has been organisations that are fairer, more transparent and better positioned for emerging, contemporary and future challenges.

Janice studied economics and politics at Monash University and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She has a long history of volunteer work with the homeless, schools, kindergartens, environmental groups and women’s organisations.