Kim Cleary

Manager of the Market Development and Global Education Network, International Education

Global Victoria

Kim is responsible for managing Victoria’s offshore network of Education Services Managers in key international education markets around the world. In this role Kim oversees several Victorian Government initiatives including the establishment of Study Melbourne hubs in five locations, the International Research Partnerships Program and the Pathway to Victoria Scholarships.

In 2020, Kim led the team responding to the impacts of the COVID pandemic on international students including the provision of a range of supports and services delivered through the Study Melbourne Student Centre, the International Student Welfare Program, and a number of student experience programs.

In 2021, Kim was appointed as a member of the Project Governance Group overseeing the Study Melbourne Research Partnership program.

Kim has an extensive public service career including over 15 years working in international education. She was Counsellor (Education and Science) for Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos based at the Australian Embassy in Hanoi 2013 – 2017. Prior to this she was Director of a Regulation and Review team at the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and Director of the ESOS policy team in the Australian Government Department of Education and Training 2009-2012.