scholarships in 2020/2021

New in 2020/2021, veski introduced financial assistance by way of a scholarship for regionally based, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women, or other worthy mid-career emerging female leaders (as determined by the review panel) to support their participation in the veski inspiring women STEM sidebyside program.

During the review process, given the unique environment surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020 requests to support financial hardship were considered. The scholarships provide financial assistance to either join the program and/or assist with travel & accommodation and/or other hardships faced due to circumstances surrounding the coronavirus (COVID – 19) environment.

On behalf of the veski inspiring STEM sidebyside program founding partners, we would like to acknowledge and thank Victoria University and the veski foundation Trust for their support of three deserving mid-career emerging leader’s participation in this unique professional development program in 2020/2021.