Nomination FAQs

Q1. Can I put in a Joint-Nomination for the Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation?

The Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation is typically awarded to an individual. However, it is recognised that outstanding achievement is often the result of long-term collaboration between individuals making equivalent and complementary contributions.

The Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation, therefore, may be awarded to a maximum of two individuals in each category, if the outstanding achievement can be clearly shown to be the outcome of a long-term collaboration. Please click here for eligibility requirements.

The total value of each Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation will remain at $25,000 and will be evenly apportioned between joint recipients.

Q2. How many Referees are required in support of a nomination?

Nominations require TWO supporting Referees Reports for the submission to be deemed eligible. Referee Reports form an important part of the assessment process. The Referee Report is confidential.

Following the submission of a Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation nomination, nominated Referees will receive an email ‘Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation in 2022 – Referee Report Requested’ containing a link to an online form.


Q3. What if my nominated Referee is unable to submit a Referee Report?

It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure Referee Reports are submitted by the due date in order for the nomination to be deemed eligible.

Q4. If I am successful, do I have to attend the Awards Ceremony?

Yes. If you are selected as a recipient of a Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation – you are expected to attend the Awards Ceremony.

Updates regarding the Awards Ceremony will be communicated directly to recipients.

Q5. What are Referees required to provide within the referee form?

Nominee’s Referees must provide up to 180 words addressing each of the following;

  • Significant outcomes from the discovery or  innovation, or the potential discovery of innovation, particularly in relation to other achievements within their field.
  • How the discovery or technical innovation, or the potential discovery or technical innovation, significantly advances knowledge in Victoria.
  • Novelty of achievement and potential applications or future benefits.
  • International significance of the discovery or innovation or potential discovery or innovation.
  • In the case of Joint Nominee, describe the nature of the long-term collaboration, and how equal and complementary the respective nominee contributions have been.
  • Please indicate your relationship to the nominee(s) – outlining any professional collaborations or associations.